Petroleum Mexican Institute (IMP) creates chemical products to control the formation damages in wells


The IMP briefed about the creation of a chemical prototype able to solve the oil wells formation damage phenomenon. Investigators at the Institute have developed the product for the specific characteristics of the Mexican wells.

That chemical prototype will help out to counteract the phenomenon, will aid to reduce differed production and will lower operation costs. The result is possible thanks to its capacity to modify wetting of the rock and disperse asphaltenes. The product removes rock surface adhered oil and creates a protective film preventing later asphaltenes deposits.

Another quality of the prototype is its capacity to break the emulsion and to guarantee correct oil mobility. The product can be dissolved in hydrocarbon solvents and high salt and hardness brines, allowing to use produced water or seawater, which represents a technological advance compared to other products at the market.

The project is a technological solution and foresees the development of a series of multifunctional chemical products to control the formation damage problem, caused by asphaltenes, deposits and water emulsions in oil.

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