Energy Transition strategy plan is presented


50% of the power will be generated by clean energies on 2050.

Mexican Energy Ministry briefed on the participation of the Energy Secretary, Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, at the first extraordinary session of the Consult Council for Energy Transition. The Transition Strategy was handed in and presented to counselors and guests; it intends to reach 50% of power generated by clean energies for 2050.

The strategy was developed and elaborated together with representatives form the industry, academy and national and international organizations through the working groups of the Council, which are divided in Production, Consume, Energy Efficiency and Storage. The press release noted that the Consult Council is a permanent consulting citizen participation group to advise and give opinion to the Energy Ministry regarding needed actions to fulfill goals set at the Energy Transition Law.

At the meeting, authorities highlighted that document includes the modernization of the power generation Mexican industry, and as well it identifies opportunities on the investigation, technology development and human resource training areas. They reminded the objectives to reach are: 35% of the power generated by clean energies in 2025, 37.7% in 2030 and 50% in 2050; and regarding lowering energy intensity for end consumer, it was set in 1.9% for the 2016 – 2030 period, and 3.7% for 2031 – 2050.

Secretary Coldwell briefed the Strategy will be available at since today so counselors and guests can express their comments and opinions until September 12th.